Scholarship Parking Rules and Regulations for the 2015 Football Season:

  • Scolarship Parking Lots will open at 7:00 am Game Day
  • All vehicles parking in Scholarship Parking Lots must display the appropriate hang tag issued by the University of Arkansas
  • Any vehicle in a Scholarship Parking Lot without the appropriate hang tag will be towed at the owners expense.
  • Scholarship Parkers will be directed to parking spaces in an orderly manner
  • Scholarship Parkers will not be allowed to save parking spaces in Scholarship Parking Lots.
  • Vehicles pulling a trailer will be allowed in certain Scholarship Parking Lots listed below.
  • Vehicles pulling a trailer will not be allowed in a vehicle parking space.  Trailers must park in designated areas.
  • Trailer Parking in Scholarship Parking Lots is on a first come first serve basis as space is avaialable.
  • Scholarship RV Parking is available by contacting the War Memorial Stadium Office at 501-663-6385


September 12th - Arkansas vs. Toledo Game

  • Vehicles pulling trailers will be allowed into the Scholarship Parking areas until 1:00 pm day of the game
  • Vehicles pulling trailers attempting to access a scholarship parking lot after 1:00 pm will not be allowed in the Scholarship Parking Area
  • Early access to Scholarship Parking is allowed until 11:00 pm on Friday, September 11, 2015.  All vehicles must display the appropriate Parking Hang Tag
  • Scholarship Parking Lots open at 7:00 am on Game Day



Scholarship Parking Lots - Trailer Parking by Lot

Lot 1 - Trailer parking allowed off pavement

Lot 2 - Trailer parking allowed off pavement

Lot 3 -Trailer parking is designated area

Lot 4 - No Trailer Parking

Lot 5 - Trailer parking allowed off pavement

Lot 6 - Trailer Parking allowed off pavement

Lot 7 - No Trailer Parking

Lot 8 - No Trailer Parking

Lot 9 - No Trailer Parking

Lot 10 - No Trailer Parking

Lot 12 - No Trailer Parking

West Side Parking Lot - No Trailer Parking

Ray Winder - No Trailer Parking